English/American Labradors - Black, Chocolate, and Yellow

​Obedience Training Programs:


Basic #1: $1500 (10-12 wks.)

Basic#2: $2500 (12-14 wks.)

Intermediate #1: $3500 (16-18 wks.)

Intermediate #2: $4500 (20-24 wks.)

Advanced: $6500 (26-28wks)

Upland\Waterfowl: $1000 per month. (3-month minimum)

Training Session: $100 per session.


Descriptions of the programs:

Basic #1: Socialization with objects and with other animals.

Sound track training, start collar and leash work.

Basic #2: (ADDS) Sit, Come, Stay, and Heel on-leash.

Start\acclimated to the crate.

Intermediate #1: (ADDS) reinforce commands and crate-train.

Intermediate #2: (ADDS) Down command, House-broke, Start off-leash. Socialize with bigger elements (vehicles, ATV, mowers, etc.) Field-trips.

Advanced: Command Training, Off-leash.

Training Session: Goes over training with family. Train family with their puppy.



All programs include one training session (day) with family. Extra sessions are available at extra cost per session.

Boarding: $50 per day.