This is Charlie at 4 months. "He has been a great addition to the family! Thank you for a cute, smart and loving companion!"

​-Chaffin Family-

"​He's been awesome​, and we're so blessed to have him." Handsome Toby.

​-Stelmach Family-​

"We are enjoying Cecil soooo much....He's getting to be a big boy...He has been the perfect addition to our family and we can't thank you enough for helping to bring him into this world."

​-Liberati Family-

"Godfrey is a great puppy! Thanks."

​-Bae Family-

​​Mick is doing great. hard to believe he is only six months. He is a great dog...

​-Roberts Family-

"Thank you for a wonderful pet, companion and family member! Bella has been the best mannered pet and easiest to train. We are thankful to have met you all!

​-Cuchiara Family-

​"​We love Chief! He's such a great dog and so well mannered. Thank You!!!!!"

​-Oneil Family-

Here is Miss Ginger. "She is 75 lbs of spoiled rotten lab. Her English lab bloodlines show up in her build and face. She is doing great and Connor (our 15 year old) has been working on her tracking and finding pheasants. Her favorite activity is to go for walks or to have a baseball hit across a field so she can run to retrieve it. Needless to say she is a bundle of energy and we are so happy she is a part of our lives."

​-Briley Family-

Here is Colt and his sister.  " He loves his little sister (rescue) and he is the best dog. We are so grateful for him."

​-Minnaert Family-

​"Lucy is such a sweet girl. Everyone who has met her has remarked how pretty she is!"

​-Kim Family-

Here is Sandy. "She's as lovely as Fido is handsome....She is a very sweet girl.

​-Wolak Family-​

​" update on our sweet girl Allie since we have had her for a little over a month now and she is just that- such a sweetheart! She loves being silly and giving kisses too! She Just started puppy kindergarten and has proven to be a very quick learner. We couldn't be happier to have her in our family so we can't thank you enough!"

​-Ladzinski Family-

​Here is Jack. "He is doing great and getting so big! He graduated from puppy class.....We love him so much!"

​-Smith Family-

​Here is Paisley. ".....she is such a good girl."

​-McCoy Family-

"Just want to thank you for our newest addition to the family. Her name is Kona. Our family and friends just adore her. She is a beautiful, heathy, smart and such a wonderful dog. She has been such a blessing to our family. We couldn't be happier! Thank you again!

​-Schramm Family-

Here is Maggie. " Maggie has turned into one of the finest hunting and family labs I have seen... the only thing I regret is that I wish I would've gotten her and one of her sisters that day we got her....well done."

​-Patyk Family-


Here is Bowie. "He is doing absolutely wonderful and already potty trained!

​-Gulotta Family-

These are just a few of our testimonials.

Thank You!

​Cooper. "....proving himself as a soon to be amazing hunting dog in his classes. Many mornings I take him out on Lake Michigan and his calm demeanor makes him a really good first mate. He normally sits at the back of the boat waiting for fish to bite. When a fish does bite he's able to tell which line has the fish and will stare at it until someone grabs the rod. He's been an amazing addition to the family....He has been a very well behaved little dog who has earned full run of the house when we're not home....Thank you again for helping us..."

​-Robakowski Family-

​Huntley. " Had our first year of hunting with her and she is a natural, retrieved over 100 ducks and geese. Couldn't be happier with her and her natural hunting skills. Thanks to VanWaters Labs!"

​-Strom Family-

I wanted to send you a picture of Bauer and let you know that in one short week he has won our hearts. We can already tell he's smart as he will pee on command. And he's so gorgeous, the center of attention everywhere we go.
Thank you,​​

​- Stewart Family-​​

"...two weeks in and I'm doing great!"

​-Bennett Family-

Mr. Wiggins first shed. "Mr. Wiggins has been a great addition to our family. Couldn't ask for a better companion to our family."

-Gallup Family-

​"Oakley and his best buddy Lilly. Oakley is now 16 months.. What a great dog. Thanks."

​-Woodward Family-

VanWaters Labradors

English/American Labradors - Black, Chocolate, and Yellow