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     We are a loving, God fearing family that enjoys raising our Labradors in the heart of central Illinois. We started raising labs because of our passion for the breed. We do everything that we can do to provide the best quality in the breed. They are quick learners, easy to train, well-behaved, great with children and other animals. They are used for many different reasons. Hunting for deer sheds, hunting duck and geese, pheasants and quail. Also, just for a pet. We also have puppies in special performance programs. Such as, Military therapy, children with autism, and even bomb detection. Also, for hospital therapy and hospital security and rescue.  We offer lab puppy training and quality puppies. Families from all over are sharing the passion of having a wonderful addition to their families, and we thank them.

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AKC Labradors Puppies:
Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan and Minnesota. Thank you to all the families that have given our puppies a wonderful, forever home.

We do not ship our puppies.

VanWaters Labradors
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AKC Labrador Puppies- Yellow, Black, and Chocolate.

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